David A Munford

Martin J CutmoreD1540335600Maidstone 1 v Folkestone 1MID County / Lewis Cup
Adam DakinD2018-11-05Weald of Kent 1 v Maidstone 2MID Stevenson Cup
John N SugdenD2018-12-05Maidstone 1 v Hastings & St Leonards 1MID County / Lewis Cup
Andrew C WatersW2018-12-12Rainham (Kent) 2 v Maidstone 2MID Stevenson Cup
Martin R TaylorL2019-01-09Rainham (Kent) 1 v Maidstone 1MID County / Lewis Cup
Paul A TalsmaL2019-01-16Maidstone 4 v Weald of Kent 2MID Harvey Cup
Robert JacobsW2019-01-30Maidstone 1 v Tunbridge Wells 1MID County / Lewis Cup
Keith G HydeD2019-02-13Maidstone 2 v Swale 1MID Stevenson Cup
R Alan BartonD2019-03-06Maidstone 3 v Hastings & St Leonards 3MID En Passant Cup
Alistair ComptonD2019-03-20Maidstone 1 v Rainham (Kent) 1MID County / Lewis Cup
Mark A HoughtonD2019-04-23Gravesend 3 v Maidstone 4Harvey cup FINALS