David L Weston

Games (Standard Rate)

Stephen G CookW100Trowbridge v Norton RadstockDivision 2 EastSomerset League
Mauro FarinaW127Trowbridge v BathDivision 2 EastSomerset League
Joseph D ClappW111Norton Radstock v TrowbridgeDivision 2 EastSomerset League
Matthew W GoatcherW135Trowbridge v WellsDivision 3 EastSomerset League
Peter D DimondL131Bath v TrowbridgeDivision 3 EastSomerset League
John A FisherD116Trowbridge v FromeDivision 3 EastSomerset League
John A FisherL116Trowbridge v FromeSomerset CupSomerset League
Roy A LudlowL125Round 1Graded Club GamesTrowbridge Chess Club
Wieslaw StanickiW80Round 1Trowbridge Chess Club KOTrowbridge Chess Club
Current Grade = 119, Estimated performance on these games = 126.8. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!