New season settings.

The purpose of this option is to clone the previous season to create a new season. This will copy all events and teams from the previous season to the new season.

Creating a new season

Select the existing season, for example 2017 and fill in the name of the new season, for example 2018. Press Copy. For each event with 2017 as its season a new event will be created with the same settings but with the season set to 2018. Season 2018 will be set active and 2017 in-active.

You will then be taken into the Season edit option. (see below)

Season Edit

This option allows teams to be moved between events by dragging and dropping. The idea is it would be done after creating a new season for promotion and relegation of teams.

Season Delete

This option can delete all the events for a season if Create was done in error. Events can't be deleted once they have match results.