Who needs a login

You need a login ID to enter match results or comments.

To get a login ID

Use the LMS Contact link at the top to request one. Then ask your organisation owner (using the contact link under help when logged in)

If you didn't get the welcome email for new login id

Usually this is because the email got put into a SPAM/Junk mail folder. Some email providers have a web based junk email folder so check there also. If you want to get the email again see below.

I forgot my password or login ID

Go to My Account then Request New Password. Enter your email address and it should reset your password and send you another email with login instructions. NOTE: you can do this on somebody elses behalf if you logoff yourself first.

Constantly getting logged off

Make sure that your browser security settings allows cookies.

Access denied

  • Using the https:// url, not the http:// one.
  • If setting a password for the first time, don't accept the terms and conditions until it prompts you again after the password is saved.