Grading Files

There are two places where ECF grading files can be created:
  • From Admin/ECF Grade File
  • Select an event, then tab ECF Grade File
These options create the xl spreadsheet form of the data needed to submit result for grading with the ECF. The first option allows you to create a file containing all standard graded events in one file. The second option does one event only. Note that the file must be first opened in xl and then saved somethere else, or the ECF checker does not like it. Files should always be put through the checker prior to sending off to the ECF.

The View Grading Data button just shows the data what would be placed in the file if the Generate Grading File is pressed.

Grader - The user whos details should be put on the ECF grading spreadsheet as being the grader for this event. This defaults to the person currently logged in.