Club Page.

Picking on a club from the list of clubs on the home page, and then on Club and then Settings allows certain information about a club to be changed. The information is divded into 3 sections:
  • Club Details - such as match start time.
  • Owners - who can update matches
  • Display - text about the club, e.g. venue details and link to web site.

Club Details

ECF Club Code
The ECF Club code of the club. This is used to initialy populate the player list.
Contact / Secretary
Select which user is the club contact or secretary.
Venue Match Limit
This is used if generating dates for fixtures to restrict the number of home matches on the same day.
Match Time
The time matches start at this club. This field is shown on the fixture list.


Users who can update matches.


Google Map
If you supply Google Map details in this field then it can embed a google map to your clubs venue.
Text about the club such as the venue. Can include a limited list of HTML tags.