Club Pages

Picking a club from the list of clubs on the home page of an organisation takes you to a page about that club within that organisation. Some of the information pertains only to that organisation and some to the club as a whole.

Club Information - organisation specific

  • The Fixtures tab shows the clubs fixtures within that organisation
  • The Player list tab shows the player list for the club within this organisation. If a club belongs to more than one league organisation it would have a seperate player list for both which could be different.
  • The Player stats tab shows player performances for the club within this organisation.

Club Information - common to all organisations

  • The text shown on the club tab which may for example describe the clubs venue, can be changed using the Settings tab.
  • The All Fixtures option lists all a clubs fixtures across all organisations it belongs to within the LMS.
  • The Fixture Generation option lists a set of dates which the fixture generation will avoid when generating fixtures for that club.