Petts Wood & Orpington 8 v Charlton 3

MET Intro Cup Tue 26th Feb 2019
BoardHomePetts Wood & Orpington 8Charlton 3Away
1 (B) 134E
Langley, Tony
0 - 1
Bazan, Mateusz
2 (W) 078D
Luo, Yifan
0 - 1
Collins, Tom
3 (B) 081D
Rocero, Vincent
1 - 0
U-King-Im, Jean
4 (W) 072D
Sanka, Amit Aryan
1 - 0
U-King-Im, Noah
Average922 - 2Average84

Last update Zia Mehmet Sat 16th Mar 2019 17:46. Reported by Anthony Langley . Verified By


Sorry for the delay in inputting the results. I was expecting the Charlton captain or Paul Jones to do this. Could Charlton confirm and change if needed who played white on odd boards.

Tomasz Bazan emailed me this week to dispute the result as follows. I was not present at the match; I have asked Tony to confirm. Clearly our team was played out of grade order, though.

"I believe that the final result of the match should be different from the one filed in by Tony Langley.
According to the KCCA tournament rules (amended on 1st Sept 2013) there were 3 violations that occurred during the match:
1) the match started at 8.10pm which was 25 minutes later than it was scheduled for and this time was not taken off from your clocks (Rule 10(f));
the start of the match was delayed due to the fact that you forgot about the match and it took Tony some time to quickly assemble an ad-hoc substitute team and to find and set up a room,
2) your players were not playing in a strict (descending) grading order, so Yifan Luo with a grade of 78 played on board 2 and Vincent Rocero with a grade of 81 played on board 3 whereas the rules clearly state that it should have been the other way around (Rule 10 (b)),
3) the list of players in your team was presented to myself only well after all the matches have already started and should be given out before tossing for colours (Rule 10 (c)).
After taking into account all 3 violations and deducting 1/2 a point for each one of them, the final score of our match should be 1/2 a point for Petts Wood & Orpington 8 against 2 points for Charlton 3, meaning we have won the match.
Please kindly revise the final result and only then I will be able to verify it.

On the evening in question i was helping our junior beginners and was told that Charlton had arrived to play a match. Paul had not turned up and had got his dates wrong. I quickly arranged for a replacement team to be set up whilst i sorted out the tables, boards and clocks so Charlton did not have wasted journey. I was given the list of players in what i thought was playing order and the games were played. Being a new team captain i have read through the rules but have not memorised everything. In the future if this situation occurs again i will still step in, just with an element of caution. Whatever you decide will be interesting for my future knowledge and decision making.